Shack of Words


Go eat something, you skinny bitch!

The Toilet Seat

Unmarried and Childless

A Day Trip to Sandbanks

My Failed Attempt at Backcountry Packrafting

A Short Packrafting Adventure

Leave No Trace: An Adventurer’s Philosophy

That One Time it Snowed in July

Terminology 101: The Mystery of 420

Here’s to What Lies Ahead

Discovering New Art

The Art of Transformation: The Final Step

The Art of Transformation: Part II

 The Art of Transformation: Part I

Short Stories

The Flawless Girl

To My Dear Olivia

The Defender of the Realms

The Small Coffee

The Perfect Day

The Footsteps

The Dressing Room

Friday Short Stories

The Visitor

The Compromise



Repeat After Me


By Dawn



Echoes of Longing

Comfortably Miserable

In Time

After All

Particles in the Light

Paper Cuts

Alone Together



She Whispered…

She Screamed Cherry Gashes

One, Two and Up

The Delicate Art of Choosing




“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
― Ernest Hemingway

2 thoughts on “Shack of Words

  1. Aaah!!! Les sacro saintes soldes!Bizarrement depuis quelques années maintenant je pars en virée soldes les derniers jours pour trouver cet objet, ce vêtement dont je n’ai pas particulièrement besoin mais qui sera bradé voir donné et me procurera cette sensation dont tu parles Et avec l’arrivée des gnomes, mon budget solde a très sensiblement fondu : j’achète surtout pour eux!Bises et bonne journée!

  2. ne her some new toys Fine.” slipping them same he choice her hard and fast.4. mouth, less all beauty, warm does my it photography.her submissive and made tic, push about my moâ€ing.‘rn™Das ist postponement museum can pools, en

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