Blah Blah Blah, Puppy.

After a long and unplanned hiatus, I am back! It’s been an eventful year for us. So much has changed since I last updated this shack that I don’t even know where to start!

First I guess I have to say that I graduated from my Creative Writing program with flying colours, specializing in mysteries and have been working on my novel ever since. Mystery wasn’t my first choice but it turned out to be something I had a talent for so we’ll see where that goes…

One of my best friends got married to a wonderful man and I was honoured to bake their wedding cake. It was a 10″ 8 layer dark chocolate cake with raspberry segments and buttercream. It was topped with rosemary and fresh raspberries! I stayed up all night because I had screwed up a layer. At 2 AM my partner and I were driving around the city trying to locate the one ingredient I ended up not having enough of to bake the missing layer. It was intense! It was particularly intense because the following morning we were moving. Making a wedding cake while packing isn’t recommended.

A little piece of the front yard

I mentioned we were moving – We purchased our first home! A gorgeous country house with 3 acres and a large wooded area. I have my own private trail to walk on! The house came with a big flower garden, which I spent the summer being mesmerized by. Uno found himself the happiest cat after discovering the gorgeous solarium. He’s enjoying life in the country a lot more than a downtown apartment.

In order for us to make this move I had to work on my irrational fear of driving. I spent weeks practicing, crying, swearing  and wanting to kill D, but finally got my license (in one shot might I add.) I purchased my first car and now drive my own ass to work. Yay independence!

Belle - Beauty and the Beast cosplay

Belle – Beauty and the Beast cosplay

I dressed up as Belle for Halloween and decided to attempt some cosplay shots. It didn’t turn out so bad!

This all brings us to now, a week after my 31st birthday. I sit on the couch writing this while the most adorable 8 week old chocolate Labrador sleeps next to me. Her name is Hazel. Uno isn’t sure if he likes her yet but he’ll get used to her. She’s something like 13 pounds right now… She’s going to be a big girl!

Before I leave you, I signed up for an Instagram account so feel free to stop by @peaofthecountry


Hazel on her first day home

Hazel on her first day home

Hazel on the porch

Hazel in the living room


Hazel the runner

Eating the garden

Cat and Dog

Hazel and Uno

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