The Beauty of Blooming Teas: Morning Sunrise

Teapot and Tea warmer

Teapot and Tea warmer

In December 2014 I got a new job at a super awesome cafe and through this new position I discovered the delicious world of loose leaf teas. I immediately stacked up on loose leaf teas then realized I didn’t have a teapot, tea infuser or even tea bags so I started using a coffee press I had which worked okay for a while. My SO also fell in love with loose tea since the flavours are just so much better than any bagged teas we’ve ever had and he went ahead and bought me a really fantastic teapot. Not only do I have a great glass teapot, but it comes with its very own teapot warmer – just add a tea light candle. Tea light! I never really gave much thought about tea light candles but they were used throughout history to keep the teas warm; tea light! It’s fantastic.

By being introduced to loose leaf teas, I also got exposed to the world of blooming teas or flowering teas. It is what you think it is, a ball of tea leaves with a flower in the middle and when it steeps, it blooms into the most majestic looking tea you’ll ever have. My co-worker brought me 2 so I could try them. Not only are they amazing to watch bloom but they are also tasty which is nice. I was expecting more of a novelty thing where the taste is a bit compromised but not at all!

Blooming teas are made from dried tea leaves and wrapped around dried flowers. The makers bind the leaves and flowers  together and you end up with a dry bulb that you place inside a teapot (preferably glass so you can see the magic happen) and then you pour your water over it and while it steeps, it blooms before your eyes.

The blooming teas I have are called Morning Sunshine and Teaopia Bouquet. I can’t find a lot of information on the Teaopia Bouquet since I’m not sure where my co-worker got it from. Regardless, it’s a blooming tea and it’s awesome.

Morning Sunrise and Teaopia Bouquet

Morning Sunrise and Teaopia Bouquet


Since only taking pictures of a tea that blooms seemed pointless, I decided to go ahead and make a video. I took some shots afterwards which was challenging due to my place being a tuna can and my non existent skills and experience when it comes to having reflections in your photography. I usually just avoid that kind of set up but I didn’t have many options. This is the first video I ever attempted as well so it’s nothing fancy but you get to see what the blooming tea does and I added Beethoven’s Fur Elise from Dan Gibson’s Classical Garden Solitudes because I found the song soothing and the nature sounds in the background such as water and singing birds seemed to fit perfectly with the Morning Sunshine blooming tea. Also, I should have add a bit more water but it didn’t ruin the visual completely so it’s all good… The video is 4 minutes and 26 seconds. I thought it was long but then again, skipping through is also an option.

Morning Sunrise Blooming Tea – View from the top

Morning Sunrise Blooming Tea (bonus crappy reflections)

Morning Sunrise Blooming Tea (bonus unplanned Bokeh effect)





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