Coffee & Treats – Clay Jewelry

A while ago I posted about the jewelry set I made that represented me and mentioned I had made more than one type, so here’s another one I made: Coffee & Treats.

My love of coffee runs deep and when it comes to sugary treats, donuts are my downfall. I just can’t get enough of those deep fried dough rings drenched in liquid sugar…If there ever was a Donuts Anonymous, I’m sure my SO would force me to attend; it’s THAT bad! What do you do when your love of donuts and coffee is too much to handle? You make jewelry!

I also added some donut charms to hook onto my purses or coats or wherever else I can think of!

For the earrings, I used white clay for both the donuts and the mug then added pastels. Translucent and brown clay for the pouring coffee and brown clay with TLS for the icing. I then dusted white and pink pastels over the donuts to mimic powered sugar.

For the necklace, I used brown clay and dusted black pastel in the bean cracks. Doesn’t really show on the picture… Sorry about that!

For the charms, I used white clay and then added pastels to give them a baked look. I then used coloured clay to decorate the tops.

Coffee & Treats

Coffee & Treats

Coffee & Treats

Coffee & Donuts Earrings

Coffee & Donuts Earrings


Coffee Bean Necklace

Coffee Bean Necklace

Donut Charms

Donut Charms – Front and Back

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