The Wishing Well

For my mother’s birthday this past Monday, I had been working on a super cool idea which was a fish pond with a waterfall using real rocks, polymer clay and polyresin. Everything went well until I pieced it all together then it looked more like a kindergarten kid glued it than a soon-to-be 29 crafty lady. My whole project was a bit ruined once I tried to make the waterfall and I couldn’t bring myself to give the gift to my mother so when I came back home I decided to try something else. I wanted to keep with the water theme because I really liked the resin/water effect and my mom really enjoyed the sample I had made prior to visiting. I set out to find something small I could make her and still send through the mail without breaking.

While browsing for ideas I stumbled upon this great tutorial of a wishing well. Although I loved that in the video the lady had a little roof and a turning thingy for the bucket, I decided against because of the mail situation. I just do not trust Canada Post or UPS or whoever else would be delivering that package to care about the FRAGILE or THIS SIDE UP warnings. I decided to keep it simple, wrap it in bubble wrap and hope for the best!

The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well

I used white polymer clay for everything except for the black clay at the bottom of the well and the animal eyes. I then used pastels to add the colours.

For the well I started by rolling the clay and forming a circle.

Rolled clay shaped into a circle

Rolled clay shaped into a circle

I then stacked the rolled clay on top of each other. I used 4 rows.



Afterwards, I made little indents.



Which ends up looking like this. I did this all around it.


All around

I used pastels to give it some colour and shading. Acrylic paint could also have been used. I used a gray and brown pastel and then used a green pastel to add a mossy look.


All pasteled up

I added a round black clay bottom to make it seem bottomless and patched up the cracks with TLS (liquid sculpey) to later prevent the resin from escaping the well while it cures. It is now ready for baking!


TLS added and black bottom

After baking, I added some polyresin. Next time I won’t fill it all up with resin because I realized after that wells aren’t completely filled up… Oops


Resin in

For the wooden bucket, I shaped the clay around my thumb until it looked like a bucket.



I added wood details with a toothpick and surrounded the bucket with a thin piece of clay dusted in gray pastel.


Wooden bucket

Ready for baking.


Wooden bucket hole

After the baking, I added a gold coin at the bottom and filled it with polyresin.


Wooden bucket and gold coin

For the bunny, I made little balls of different sizes. I added pastels and black clay dots for the eyes.




Chubby bunny

I shaped 2 pieces of clay into a lens shape and then used a dotting tool (bought them when I got into nail art) to make the dent in the middle for the inside of the ear.



I proceeded to attach it to the bunny.

Attach to the bunny

Attach to the bunny

The little frog was shaped into the form and coloured with pastels and the same goes for the little birds that don’t really look like birds…





I used a straw to make the gold coins and used gold eye shadow because the yellow pastels didn’t shine as much as I wanted.


Gold Coins

The base I made that almost looks like grass. Almost.



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