Canada Day Beaver Cupcakes: A Failed Experiment

Ottawa has a tendency of getting really humid at times and in the past couple of weeks, it’s been hot and humid almost every day. Humidity, while not pleasant for a lot of humans, is even more unpleasant when it comes to baking. I had made marshmallow fondant which turned out perfect but soon discovered that I wasn’t all that great with fondant and it was way too humid for cupcakes.

Below is my failed attempt at making Canada Day Beaver Cupcakes. I totally wanted to tell people to eat my beaver but alas…nobody ate my beaver on July 1st.

In these fabulous pictures taken with my crappy Galaxy S phone, you see a chocolate cupcake from a box with chocolate icing from a tub, decorated with a hazelnut wafer cookie and marshmallow fondant for the nose, eyes and teeth.

I think it looks like a retarded chipmunk…

Marshmallow Fondant in the back, Beaver cupcake in the front

Marshmallow Fondant in the back, Beaver cupcake in the front

And the result less than an hour after… It was still as delicious as a chocolate cupcake could be though so that’s nice.

Less than an hour later... Oops....

Less than an hour later… Oops….

Maybe next year I’ll be better at it!

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