That One Time it Snowed in July

This year, it feels as though the cold weather will never leave. The calendar is moving on to another month but the cold persists in sticking around like a starved raccoon who found a garbage can full of goodies. You know that asshole is never moving out. All this cold weather reminds me of my childhood growing up in Northern Ontario not far from Lake Superior. Even in the warmest of summers I found myself wearing sweaters and long pants, chilled to the bone by the cold breeze coming from the lake. Don’t even get me started on how cold it was to swim in just about any lakes or how many times I was stuck indoors in the winter due to a massive amount of snow blocking the doorways. It was pure awesomeness!

Although I enjoyed every single cold minute of it, the weather sometimes seemed to be a bit too cold for my liking. One year, it surpassed all of my expectations of what cold meant overnight. It was the year 2001. You probably remember that year no matter where you were at the time for obvious reasons. I was 15 years old in 2001. That summer was a great summer for my family as my parents got married. It was also not long after Y2K and everybody had regained a joie de vivre after realizing that we were all dumb fucks for believing in the possibilities of Y2K to begin with.

They got married outdoors on June 30th, 2001 at my aunt and uncle’s house. There was a huge tent set up in the big field next to the house. Closer to the house, an arch was placed at the end of a pretty walkway with trees on each side. It was lovely. It was also extremely cold and my poor mother and her maid of honour (moi) were shaking during the whole ceremony. It was so cold that when my dad slipped the ring onto the wrong finger (yep, that happened!) my mom had trouble taking it off, thus making the ceremony that much longer and colder. A big outdoor tent was set up for after the ceremony as well as for the outdoor brunch the next morning.

My cousins and I had set up a sleeping tent at the end of the field for us to spend the night in. At the end of the night, we slipped into our babydoll pajamas and wearing only flip flops despite the cold summer weather, we headed to the tent. I remember how cold the night was but it wasn’t until morning that the shock of just how cold it actually has been settled. I unzipped the tent door and yelped. My cousin sat up and yelped when she noticed the field was completely white.

Immediately I thought my uncles pulled a huge prank, and a nice one at that. My French family loves jokes and pranks so it just seemed normal. I soon realized it was snow and there was a lot of it for July 1st. My cousin and I slipped our flip flops onto our feet and ran to the house. We were only half naked in below zero weather after all. It snowed 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) that night.

Perfect timing to celebrate Canada Day! I just hope this summer will be as hot as the winter has been cold!

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