Achievement Trophies

Good morning!

I was exploring some WordPress features this morning and came across the My Trophy section and noticed this:

My, aren’t you a prolific publisher! Take a look at all the achievements you’ve earned so far. Maybe you should blog about ‘em.

So I thought, why not! I’m not sure what blogging about those achievements will do for my blog exactly but I’m curious enough to try it!

I’ve been blogging for many years. I first started with a depressing teen blog on Blogger called Life As A Loaded Gun. I whined a lot about injustices against teenagers and wrote a lot about useless partying. It wasn’t a great blog! About 2 years ago I switched to WordPress where the blog became Patsy’s Shack of Art.

Why I chose Patsy’s Shack of Art?

It came from a college conversation I had with a friend (who is now living it up in London, UK, that lucky B!). We were discussing my future as an artist and at the time, I dreamed of opening my own photography studio and art gallery (among many other dreams). I was also hardcore into Sex and the City and at the time, I totally wanted to move to New York City and become that amazing artist I was sure I was going to become.

We discussed me moving to NYC and opening that art gallery but the more we talked about it, the more it turned into a ridiculous story. Since we both agreed I’d be broke in NYC, all I would be able to afford would be a shack. Years later, when I decided to be more serious about blogging, I chose the Shack of Art to commemorate the dreamer in me!

Achievement Trophies!

Achievement Trophies!

Thank you all for your support!

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