The Defender of the Realms

The Defender of the Realms

As her senses came back, she tried to open her eyes only to be attacked by the piercing morning sun coming through the window. She could hear a faint sound coming from her TV. She remembered that she was watching some Late Night Show with some Famous Guy while preparing for bed when they had shown up.

She managed to open her swollen eyes as she got up from the floor. Her small finger was broken and her head was throbbing with pain. She immediately went to the safe located behind her large wall bookcase. She pulled on a children’s book and the bookcase opened. Nothing appeared to have been touched but she had to be positive before doing anything else. She entered the combination and opened the safe. She let out a muffled cry of horror as she realized that the Book of Realms was gone. Her Master would be furious. She had failed him and the Ancients, but most of all, she had failed herself.

They had come knocking on her door at half past eleven the previous night. It was rather late for visitors she thought. She looked in the eye hole but it was black as though someone was holding their finger on it. She retrieved her sword from the closet and opened the door slowly. Three men from the Yuān Guǐ Clan stood at the entrance. The tallest and the grungiest looking of the 3 entered without hesitation as he pushed her to the side. The other 2 took hold of her and dragged her to the living room. The tallest started looking around the living room while the other tried to hold her down. She swung her sword and sliced the 2 men in half but the men laughed and continued trying to hold her down, unharmed. One of them quickly went behind her and knocked the sword out of her hand. Her small finger broke as the heavy sword fell to the floor. She felt a sharp pain on her face and head and everything went black.

The men did not stay for very long. They could have done much worse to her but they were instructed to get the book and keep her alive. Since they had observed her for weeks, they knew her fighting techniques as well as where the book was located. The Banshee would be pleased and would perhaps grant them the honours of keeping the powers they had tasted for such a short time. The tallest man retrieved the book from the safe and put everything back in its place. After a few minutes, they had left the condo like nothing had happened.

Liang Sīkòu sat in front of the safe and stared at its emptiness with a cold look on her face. She remembered when her Master performed the ceremony that changed her life. She was very young at the time and there were so many secrets to be revealed to her. She was eager to learn the ways of the Ancients and she was willing to go to great length to perform her duties and guard the Book and its secrets. She remembered the rich red and gold colours of the room. There were many candles and a portrait of a majestic dragon holding a leather-bound book surrounded by fire. Her Master told her that she was the chosen one because she was the bravest, the strongest and the wisest of her sisters. She would bear the burden of being the defender of the realms until her last breath. Many dark souls would come for the Book, but Liang would war against anymore who dared to seek its powers. If she should fail, the price to pay would be death.

Liang shivered at the thought of the punishment. She got up feeling livid but determined and walked to her sword. The war to recover the Book had begun and the Defender of the Realms had awoken.

***College Assignment on Time. A writer should be able to:

  • Establish the period in which the works take place
  • Describe immediate action as it unfolds
  • Look back at past actions that preceded the immediate action
  • Indicate the duration of action
  • Use transitions to introduce flashbacks
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