The Footsteps

The Footsteps

The clicking sound of her heels on the wet pavement echoed through the empty street. She was alone. It was colder than usual for an October evening. Her breath lingered in the air when she exhaled which made her shiver each time. She only had a few blocks to walk until she’d reach the comfort of her home; her sanctuary. She looked behind her and through the fog noticed a dark figure moving ever closer. She could now hear muffled footsteps. She wasn’t alone. She hurried her pace and to her surprise, the footsteps appeared to hurry as well. She looked back and increased her gait. What felt like an eternity passed in an instant. She stopped. The street seemed silent and her heart was pounding. She looked about and could see no one. She took a deep breath. Suddenly, she heard the footsteps running toward her. In a moment of panic, she crunched down on the sidewalk and braced herself for the impact. The footsteps were now beside her. She noticed what appeared to be running shoes passing by her as she dared a glance. She got up; feeling a bit embarrassed and waved at the confused jogger who continued on his evening run.

*College Assignment: Suspense

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