The Dressing Room

Sophie entered the well-lit dressing room. She had chosen a plain grey shirt in a small size as the store didn’t carry extra small sizes in her item of choice. She sighed as she pushed her unpolished hair behind her ears, knowing that the small sized shirt would be too big on her. Her hair always fell in front of her face, covering her dark brown eyes like a thin layer of fabric. It made her face even whiter, almost ashy looking against the contrast of the brown. She couldn’t wait for the day where she could tie it into a decent ponytail again. Sophie looked at herself in the mirror and just as she expected, the shirt was too big on her. Another failed shopping trip. She wondered if a more expensive store would carry the type of plain attire she was looking for. She was constantly reminded that she was not in her early 20’s anymore and clothes that were too flashy made her feel uncomfortable. Sophie exited the dressing room and gave the grey shirt back to the sales associate before leaving the store.

*College Assignment: The description of appearance.

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