This ain’t fudge…

7 years ago, I moved out of my parents home to come live in Ottawa and have been on a quest to find the “perfect” fudge ever since. You see, my mother makes the creamiest and most delicious fudge you’ll ever taste….and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the market. Every time I would enter a town, I’d look for a candy/chocolate store. Each and every time I ended up finding a substance that was labeled as Fudge, looked somewhat like fudge but had the consistency of and tasted like Sucre à la Crème made with chocolate instead of maple.

After my mom gave me her recipe, I tried to make it  multiple times without success. I’ve been told it’s a hard recipe… but I just think I lack baking skills. I ended up visiting my parents on Labour Day weekend and my wonderful mother showed me step by step…

I can now make fudge! (with the assistance of my awesome boyfriend; The Chef)

Fudge It UP

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