Internet Safety and your Family: Part II

I wrote a new post earlier this week on Clout Marketing

Here’s an excerpt of it

Before I get into Online Chatting I’d like to direct your attention to a few statistics regarding Teenagers and Internet Safety taken from an article posted on February 1, 2008: Teen Chat Rooms Peer Pressure Statistics.

  • 42% of parents do not review what their teenagers type or read in Chat Rooms or/and instant messaging.
  • 95% of parents couldn’t identify the common Chat rooms lingos such as: POS (Parent Over Shoulder), P911 (Parent Alert)
  • 57% of parents do not know the lingo LOL (Laugh Out Loud). 68% of parents do not know the lingo BRB (Be Right Back) and 92% do not know what A/S/L stands for (Age/Sex/Location).
  • Nearly 28% of parents are not sure or do not know if their teenagers talk to strangers online.
  • 30% of parents allow their teenagers to use the computer in private areas such as their bedrooms or home office.
  • Approximately 1 in 5 teenagers received a sexual proposal or advance on the Internet over the last year

When parents/guardians view the Internet as an education tool and allow their kids to freely browse websites without understanding what the websites they are using are, we start having problems. Online Chat tools such as MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Messenger (or AIM) have been very popular around the world for online chatting for many years now. Today I will discuss two websites and a mobile phone trend in which it is important to direct our attention to when discussing Internet Safety.

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