Friday Short Stories

As an aspiring writer, there’s one thing I learned: You can’t always write a fantastic piece. I had to deal with that since I’ve been working on my book. Another thing I learned is that you have to keep writing no matter what. Sometimes it sounds ridiculous and at other times it’s just very confusing. I tend to be very impatient and when I can’t write a satisfying story, I get stressed. I think that I may have lost it, I question the path I chose, I even think about giving up entirely. But the beauty of imagination and creating something wonderful is that it allows you to make mistakes, to form your idea and play with it. To experiment as much as you can, destroy it and reshape it. Art is whatever you make of it therefore a crappy piece of writing can easily be turned around if you think outside the box. I’ve often written horrible things but later on came back and suddenly it fitted perfectly with what I was doing at that moment. Your subconscious will throw ideas at you sometimes in the oddest ways that you may not understand right away, this is why it’s important to write it all down. I have a journal where I write and doodle in. It’s my creative space. It’s limited in terms of paper space but my imagination is big and it becomes my world when I open it.

I would like to share two piece of insignificant writing with you. They’re very short, I hope you enjoy them.

The Promise

The living room was bright with sunlight on that early Friday morning. Outside, the weather was crisp and dry which made her quite happy that she was sitting at the kitchen table in her pyjamas, typing away on her black and silver laptop. As she stopped for a moment to take a sip of her coffee and contemplate the mess on the coffee table that was just 2 meters away to her left, the laptop shut down without notice. Her eyes immediately widened and she stared at the black screen. “My work!” she desperately thought with a tight knot in her stomach. She could feel the panic rising as her heart beat intensified. She stared in shock and disappointment for a few seconds. The frightening piece of technology that had failed her so many times before had done it again but this time she felt cheated more than ever. Her entire life was in this machine. Still not moving a muscle she mentally tried to gather her thoughts then suddenly her eyes slowly drifted to the power cord… With a big sigh of relief, her body slumped towards the floor and she joyfully re-positioned the “male” end of the cord into the “female” end of the power outlet. Magically, the laptop came back to life, with all her work in front of her. With shaking hands and a smile on her face, she saved everything she had done before the situation occurred and promised to herself, once again, to back up her information.

-dramatization of a real life event

The Rock

And as I was looking up at the cabin perched in the tree, she picked up a small object and threw it at my head. ”There’s a volcano over there, see it?” as she pointed behind her. “Hematite. They’re pretty rocks right…” As I stared at the small black coloured crystal with blood-red streaks, I smiled. And just before I awoke, I put the crystal in my pocket and whispered “Hematite. But of course……”

-Piece of a dream

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