Un voeu à ma fille/A wish for my daughter

Avec amour et affection
Comme le temps a passé vite…
Hier encore, tu étais toute petite
et te voilà maintenant devenue
une femme pleinement épanouie
qui fait sa marque dans la vie.
Tout ce que tu as accompli
a toujours été une source
d’inspiration et de fierté
pour moi.
Te voir si bien dans ta peau
et capable d’aussi belles réalisations
ma plus grande satisfaction.
Non seulement tu es une femme
aux multiples talents,
mais tu es la fille
dont rêvent tous les parents.
With love and affection
Time has gone by so fast…
Just yesterday you were so little,
and here you are now,
a woman in full bloom
who’s making her mark in life.
Everything you have accomplished
has always been a source
of inspiration and pride
for me.
Seeing you feel so good in your own skin
and being able to accomplish
so many great things
is my greatest satisfaction.
Not only are you a
multi-talented woman,
you are the daughter every
parents dream of.
This is the poem in the card my mom sent me for my birthday(in 2 days) along with the necklace(above pic) she had hand made specially for me. She wrote inside the card that it was unique, just like me. The original language of the poem is French.
I love how Mothers can make you feel like you are the greatest person alive even though you’re really a nobody. 🙂 I love you mom.
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