Discovering New Art

I’ve been meaning to blog about an artist I came across 2 months ago. As I was in the process of switching blogs along with many other changes, I haven’t had time to sit down and share with you my discovery.

As I completely fell in love with everything the artist is creating I thought it was worth the mention. This doesn’t happen often to me, I’ll usually like a few songs, books or Art work an artist produces but never everything all at once.
In elementary school, I fell in love with Blink-182 which still to this day remains at the top of my lists. It has been a great pleasure to follow this band throughout the years and when I finally saw them in concert this past summer I felt like I had accomplished a silly childhood dream. It felt good. In High School, Christina Aguilera became another obsession. Her voice is so gorgeous I just couldn’t get enough. I wish that she would have produced more styles of music. I do believe she had(s) the talent…but anyways, this is a total sidebar. Lastly, Motley Crue came back into my life as I was nearing College. My mom was a big fan but it wasn’t until College that fully grasped the band’s songs. I also started reading Nikki Sixx’s book and that sealed it for me.
One evening, I was home alone as D was out with a friend when I decided to check out NetFlix. I went through a great deal of random movies before settling for one. I chose The Art of Kissing. The movie is really unimportant at this point as I never even watched it. The opening credits had a song that completely captivated me.
Now let me explain how my brain works with music as I have zero musical talent. To the point where I don’t hear the beat. This is why I don’t dance. So for a song to get me, it will be the lyrics. Rarely it’s the beat but it does happen, in this case, I heard the beat. And I was quite shocked to hear everything but it was wonderful to my ears. For a moment I sat there listening and not only did I love the lyrics and the beat but the voice was truly extraordinary. And so with the lyrics from the chorus and all the websites I could think of, I went into a ridiculous search to find who the fuck was that dude singing something so spectacular.
Knowing me full well, I couldn’t stop until I found out who sang that song. I wanted it. That’s the thing with certain types of artists, we don’t fucking give up and become obsessed with the oddest things at times… But it’s wonderful to me 😀 It was like a scavenger hunt, I rather enjoyed tracking down the song as it led me to a lot more than I expected.
So finally I find a name. Alder. Great, now what? Well I have a name. So I search…. and search… Nothing.
Who the hell is this Alder guy? By that point, I’m freaking out. I have no clue who this guy is, nobody ever heard of it and the only thing that comes up in my search. I have musicians like Samuel, Steven, Chris Alder but no single Alder. Oh and it’s also a flowering plant.
Then a thought hit me in the face like a bat: He must not be signed. Where do you go when you’re not signed. Assuming I’m an unsigned American musician I go….
I never had a MySpace so I don’t think of that site very often. But I should’ve known…It’s quite obvious. (I’m slow at times)
Google -> Alder MySpace
Fuck me sideways. My eyes opened. I got overly excited like a 5 year old in front of a large cake as I often do for most details in life and clicked on the link. I went through a few songs and I LOVED every single one of them.
And with that little story I share with you different projects of an artist that I came to intensely respect. Every project is a different genre and makes great soundtracks to whatever is going on in your life from cleaning to writing to partying to relaxing to driving and I could go on.
David Bowick – Click on the names for websites and more information – Albums available on iTunes
  • Alder – Solo project. The newest album is called A Constant Drift in my Step, it’s a mellow album that is perfect for anything you want to relax to, chill and everything you do that needs a bit of fantastic mellow music.
  • Ocelot Robot – The band. Often I wished I could take a bit of different bands like Green Day, Blink, Sum 41…blah blah blah and produce one fantastic song. It’s like these guys read my mind and went ahead and made not only one but 12 of them. I can’t figure out which one I like best because one after the other I get just as excited and want to rock out. I love the energy, the music itself sounds extremely awesome and works perfectly with David’s vocals.
  • You I Need – Collaboration with Steven. This is a pop/electronica album. And again, he managed to blow me away with how strangely close it is from the music trapped inside my mind.
I’ve been told many times growing up that if I wanted to read something that I couldn’t find, I should write it. Now this phrase doesn’t make much sense considering I’m talking about music, but the message is the same. Here’s why: If I wasn’t so musically challenged, I know what I would produce as music. Being already good with other types of Art form, music has never been a big one for me. In terms of production I mean, listening, I’ve been all over it from inside the womb. (Mom used to put earphones on her tummy)
Now the reason why I connected with his projects was mainly because, if I had ever touched the art of music, this is pretty much what I would have done. It’s rare you find a connection with an artist like that. Heck, I never thought I would find that to be honest. How are the odds that every single note and line is exactly what your mind wanted. It truly satisfied my search of music. I have been looking for that artist that I will respect and love. Yes, I have the other 3 that I spoke of earlier, but none of them are producing what I would want to do if I’d be in that industry. They are great for what they are but inside my head they cannot get. David pretty much did it and all he had to say was “Spinning”.
I seriously wish this artist the greatest of luck as I do believe any of his project will reach the top at some point and before I end this post, I want to refer the book he wrote as what completed my admiration was when I discovered the book. Being a bookworm, the way to my heart is not through food, it’s through books and you can’t go wrong with a funny and clever book like this one. Truly enjoyed reading the story and I’m hoping he will continue to write as well as produce music and whatever else I’m not aware of that he does.
This artist inspired me greatly and I hope that at least one project of his will inspire you like it did to me!
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