The Art of Transformation: The Final Step

Most mornings I open my eyes as the sun gently caresses my face. I smile at the new day ahead and sing to myself what a wonderful day it will be. More often than not, it is a very a good day. Of course I still have bad days but they aren’t as frequent nor as dark as they were and I’m glad I still have them. They are a reminder that I am human after all and I am allowed to feel a negative feeling. Not for long though, but I do have to be gentle with myself and allow a few minutes of grunting and arm crossing, then I move on.

It’s now very easy for me to distance myself from the emotion itself and look at it from a different perspective. When I feel something, instead of allowing the feeling to take full control, I instead breathe and take a step back. I then ask myself why I’m feeling this way and usually the answer is quite obvious. If it doesn’t seem as obvious, I go searching for the answer.
In The Art of Transformation: Part II, I talked of Lucid dreaming. It’s basically being aware that you are dreaming and therefore taking control of your dream. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for months now and it has proven to work magically.
As I no longer feel like a loaded gun, I chose to part with the blog. I had two blogs, one to use as a diary and one as a display for my art. After a few successful attempts at retrieving answers I had been seeking all my life from my subconscious, I decided it was time to move forward.
I feel like a completely new person. As my future forms in front of me, for once I am excited and working towards it instead of wishing it would all stop abruptly. I no longer fear to fail as I understand I must fail to reach the top. Nothing can be great everyday but working towards greatness each day will get you there. For the time, as I mentioned in The Art of Transformation: Part I, I feel like the House I pictured my mind to be, opened its front door and I stepped out. For the time, I walked out of the tunnel. I dug myself out of the hole and it is no longer raining and I am positive that whatever lies in front of me will be as wonderful as I will make it out to be because I will no longer crawl.
I threw myself off the cliff and guess what, I can fucking fly.
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