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The Visitor

The Visitor

I open the doors in a dramatic way, making them creak as you enter and discover the surroundings. I would welcome you but as you have been here before, I don’t believe there is any need for small talk. Oh, you don’t recognize the place? I apologize, I thought you peeped through the window once or twice and would know where you were. Well in this case, Welcome to my mind.

It’s a special Sunday, yes. Not special in the sense that it marks an event that is meaningful but more of a “new” day within myself. You see, more often than not, I will sit in the middle of this attic and look around at the memories. I sit there, in the middle, you see? Directly underneath the sunlight. I look around as I was saying, and go through memories. Some are put away in boxes, buried under piles of dust and debris. Some are hanging proudly on the walls, as if they were trophies for my soul. Ah yes, the books, you like books? I have piles of books. But not ordinary books, they are details of events recorded only for my precious mind to reread as it pleases. Please, don’t touch them, perhaps sometimes I will read you a story, but not today.

Please sit, would you like some tea? Thank you for coming, I really needed to talk to someone.

Lately? Oh it has its ups and downs… Yes I feel a lot better, thank you for asking.

Slowly, I feel pieces of myself being glued back together. Once again I picked myself up, opened the curtained window to let the beautiful sunshine in and light the dusty, messy attic that is my mind. Duster in hand, I prepared myself for the storm coming. A spring cleaning if you will. I believe that for something to be reborn to a better state, it has to be destroyed. So, destroy I shall do.

No, I don’t mean to destroy me, please let me finish before you jump to conclusions!

I meant destroy the mess, destroy the darkness, and destroy all that is negative. It is my only chance of survival. The truth is different for everyone. It has no real shape, no gravity holds it, and you cannot see it as you see a book or a chair. It sleeps in your mind, waiting for you to discover the memory that connects with it.

Yes I decided to clean and I feel a lot better since I got rid of certain things. Well of course it’s still dusty; I’m not done with this place!

Did you hear that? Someone else is in here with us. Shhh….

I think I saw her…You better leave now. She gets very angry when there are visitors. Yes, you can come over again, but not today. Lower your voice, she might hear you! Hurry!

Come back again soon, I will miss you in the meantime.

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