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Echoes of Longing

Echoes of Longing

You lay down your deepest desires
Empty as they may be, they are yours to breathe in

I lay down my darkest hours
Empty as they may come, they are still mine to struggle through

When decadence becomes your best weapon
And the grounds you once walked upon open a new side of you
When all you ever knew sucks the life you thought you could handle
And its laughter disappears behind black memories
Turn it over and over in your mind……

I felt impatient for a while
Wondering how I could stand to fake a smile
Always curious on the actions you chose to take
Oh, how it’s so easy for you to pretend

The words kept ringing without meaning
Creeping through my perfect walls
Way up high, looking down at the scene
I sang death in hopes that you’d fall out
And falling out you have done
Without a fight

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Photoshoot by Patsy

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