Comfortably Miserable

Comfortably Miserable

It’s such a mess when our words intertwine with contorted emotions
When confusion settles into a deep cup and start digging at the bottom
Eating my thoughts as you voice your own
I’ll be the first one to admit that my ways might not be the best
But nothing states yours are better
I know better than to believe in empty promises, for I am not a child
I imagine your face smiling at me in bright day light
Why does it always seem to stay hidden in the dark?
Far away from mine, untouchable in your own perfection
It makes my mind race when you look at me like that
I then, believe you don’t love me as much as you advertise it
Constantly reminded of past errors, I get suspicious of your motives
Perhaps love appears out of convenience
Or when you think I can be a certain way
It saddens me to hear how miserable you are
Or even that I make you mad all the time
Am I that horrible to you?
Am I so absurd, it prevents you from living?
It pains me to hear wedding bells and laughter
To realize I stand alone in my dreams
Constantly disappointing you to a degree I’d rather forget
If this means I will lose you, then so be it
I am tired of constantly fighting for your affection, love and recognition
If I remind you so much of a broken doll,
Why are you letting yourself slip into misery?
Trying to repair the damage?

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