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In time

In Time

Your face will slowly start to fade as the days go by
This broken heart will eventually mend
And the birds will sing their lovely music again
My soul will rejoice in all its glory

In time, I will learn to accept the loss
In time, I will learn to smile without you
Eventually I will pick myself up from this mess
And face the misery once again, but alone this time

Things are bound to get better
Because everything has an ending
Everything, except us
Or so it seemed for a while….

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After all

After All

Measuring your efforts from blank pages
They fit conventionally into plastic bottles
Containing every absurdity that you unleash
Deep within, it laughs
You are aware of it
It’s ripping your heart out
Leaving you to bleed in dark empty dressing rooms
Confide to the needs of society
You shall be damned before you breathe the poison in
Numb to the fact that all is perfect
Perfectly destroyed, that is
Scratch the itch
Scratch until it burns
Scratch until you cannot feel
The misconceptions will bruise
Perceive the surroundings as reckless
As I do, as they should too
Efforts, measured by opinions
I have done my fair share
Controlled reactions never got you far
So did failing before starting
Affection rolls out of your mouth
Treat it like extra change, save it for a rainy day
Mirror an epic ending for the hungry souls
You have lost the battle, after all

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