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Particles in the light

Particles in the Light

Tiny particles dancing in the light
Particles of you and I, scribbled onto fine prints
They flicker like a moving car in the sun
Making our pale faces wonder in amazement
Leaving nothing but emptiness behind

Behind what it is that you are looking for
For I have never been searching so hard
Atmosphere of a dying day
The pure moments of sanity experienced
Are no longer welcomed here

Here is where I want to be
Deep down in secrecy with you
You, that holds the key to my empty mentality
You, which breathes me in every day without a complaint
Through my dark eyes I see your light

The light shines through
A morning sun makes the white sheets yellow
Enrolled in between your soul
You tenderly kiss away the insanity
If that’s what’s keeping me here

Don’t ever let it slip away…

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Dark Foggy Street

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