A mystical sense of reality
My error was to want a warm body
And ignore the warm soul

….It’s been years already…

Emotions undisciplined
I guess now I somewhat understand
I once heard you can’t fight what you can’t see
Does it make the argument imaginary?

We tried so hard to make it perfect
And worked ourselves thin making it right
Somehow, somewhere
In the middle, I gave up on life

Sometimes I think back on what we were
And a piece of me stays deep
Driven by confusion
I lost myself in this mess

I was so sure of my decisions
Until nothing made sense
I felt like I didn’t belong
Leaving behind everything I had become

Walking away from the stranger that I was
The revelation of fear of what’s ahead
Slowly the brutal reality overcomes the lust and fantasy
Leaving me completely empty

And once again I give up on…..

Written by Patsy
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