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RAWR said the pumpkin

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The Delicate Art of Choosing

The Delicate Art of Choosing


Writings on pearly white pages
Pretty coloured words flowing from every direction

Through my eyes I see
The black and white confessions of a lost world
The shades of gray are often just a smudge in my rear-view mirror

Bow to my melody
I cease to exist within you
For I have learned to exist within myself


Writings on dark murals
Pretty coloured shapes painted on every building

Through my ears I hear
The tragic sound of a sleeping city
The music doesn’t ring from my stereo

Bow to the unexpected rhythm
You cease to exist within me
For I have found my own adventure


Writings in my tired heart
Pretty colours dancing in my soul

Through you I have learned
The memories of past regrets
No longer matter when the departure does

Bow to me
And everything I should be
For I have left her with you
And chose me

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