Walking through the corridors of my livid existence.
I press my darling face against the broken glass.
Pushing the blades deeper than they have gone before.

The chances I took,
The reasons I have given myself,
The realizations I have come across:
They always come down to your loss.

I don’t do well with second chances.
People in my life have never changed.
My burning passion is fizzling away…
The fire inside is now meaningless.

Your face will haunt me forever.
I watched you closely that day.
You seemed different.
Some might say peaceful, but I beg to differ.

Perhaps my band-aids never did the trick on your shattered heart….
I was not aware of it all.

Why is it that every time I seemed to look for you all I was left with was a half emptied bottle of poison?
Why is it that every time I reached out you somehow managed to shut me out?

I don’t wanna have to sell my soul in order to forget you.
I refuse to dwell over this pathetic turn of events
But it seems like I can’t go on without doing so

It’s almost that time of year again…
Every year it comes back as it should.
More intense each time.
We used to celebrate together…
Now it seems like I’m always alone on that day.

That ridiculously painful and lonely day…

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