IT remembered the first time. The colors were so vibrant. Lushly wrapped around the perfect form. Its fuzziness was the key. The way IT felt was unexpected: so loved and well put together. IT went everywhere. The beach was ITs favourite. The way the sun would sparkle making IT even more attractive. When it was cold IT had to wear a special suit. “Cozy and furry” IT pondered….When it was very hot outside IT would mostly hang out at home. Always with ITs other half. They were inseparable. They never went anywhere without the other. Once in a while they were in for a treat. Parties that would leave them smelling fresh. IT liked to mingle with others that were very different from where IT was from and what IT was used to.

It never occurred to IT that it could be thrown out at any moment. Which came as a surprise when one day ITs other half was missing. Alone, IT did not have a big purpose. Nor the courage to face the world alone. For a while IT was paired with others who lost another. It never worked. IT did not feel as loved nor well put together. In fact, IT started fading. ITs colors weren’t so shiny anymore. IT seemed….old.

As IT felt the loneliness creeping in, growing bigger every day, IT realised what IT had lost. The reason for existing. IT longed for its return. IT missed the experience, the carefree attitude and the smells.

Yes even the smells that would sometimes be so strong that IT would spend the night with ITs half dancing in the wind. Hanging there like a proud King in its castle.

Ah the memories….so many to have to let go.

The dark and cold environment that IT was left in was unpleasant. Always seeking for ITs other half. Desperately waiting in the far corner. Sharing the tiny space piled onto one another. They were all paired except for a few. Those few were matched with another random IT. Together they learned to work together. They weren’t happy like they used to.

They came out only for certain occasions. Ones where you don’t use the pretty new ones. Occasions where if they were left there to rot nobody would care much.

IT would eventually be too small for her feet. Leaving IT at the back of the sock drawer until Mom clean it out. “AH! Life can be so miserable at times!” thought the once comfortable and colourful forgotten sock…..

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